I have no great wisdom to be shared, and I’m finding out minute by minute what I have to say, just as you are. Therefore, I think full disclosure is only fair: I’m using this blog as a way for God to mold me into someone. This is not a place for me to share a great revelation I’ve had or anything like that. I haven’t done anything impressive to change the world, but I WANT to!

I’m just a typical sort of teenage girl: I play guitar and sing, I have lots of opinions that I should sometimes keep to myself, and I struggle with winging out my eyeliner every single day. Now, I don’t intend to tell the world my life story in blog post numero uno, but I’m attempting to set the scene: normality.

Starting up a blog was nibbling at the back of my mind for several months, but I finally did it on a whim. Waking up two days ago, it was clear to me that THIS was the day I would take a step of faith onto the internet, hoping that God would use my big mouth to start something big. Who knows? We could truly do something here. I feel as though the tables are turning.

Perhaps a community of young people with a dream for change can rise up together on this small corner of cyberspace and learn how to turn passion into action.  I hope and pray that we can do this together, internet. Welcome to the beginning of the beginning.